Venus and Toki Story

 Venus and Toki a Story

by Lirrie

Toki is property of Toki on Cs

Venus is property of me

Venus ran through the undergrowth, her white fur doing nothing to hide her from whatever predators where lurking in the woods ready to attack her. She didn't like it here much and she was more then ready to get out of here. She had just left her mate and children behind, they were staying here and she was leaving. She did not know if she would ever see them again, but she had lots of hope.

'Without heart there is no home,

without love there is no hope,

without friendship you are alone.'

I ran along the river in my home, not sure where I was going. My legs hurt as I had already ran a long way but I couldn't stop now. I heard a howl and froze, memories flashed in front of me. I sped up trying to loose the predator but I had missheard and ran directly into her. She tore into me and I yept in pain despratly trying to fight but even though she was much larger then me. Blood sprayed the ground around us and I knew I was gonna loose, and If I lost I knew I would die.

Suddenly I heard another howl, this one alot more softer then her course howl had been. Another leaped into the fray and grabbed her by the throat. She let me go and I leaped back letting the newcomer have room to fight her. After seeing it was a loosing battle she wasn't so keen on weather she wanted to eat me anymore and ran off to lick her wounds, I collapsed no longer having the strength to stand on my own.

I heared paws padding over to me and froze, I was vunerable now an easy kill if he wanted to. I looked up into his golden gave and knew I was safe, he would not harm me. He layed next to me and I sighed in relief as he said "I'll protect you now." I fell into unconciousness and knew no more.

He was still there when I awoke, laying next to protectivly I felt a conection to him. It was like meeting a very old friend for the first time in years.

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