Conan- The Sealed One

 Given to by Kessler+Fudge on CS

 Name: Canon

Known as: The Sealed One, The Lost, Soul Eater

Age: Over  2000 Years Old

Species: Demon

Main Rival: Athena

Rival: Seran

Young: None

Helpers: Cinn Logg

Theme Song: The Undertakers Theme

 Basic History:

Canon was a high class demon  that took on wolf form to eat the souls of the dead. When the balence began to be upset he was sealed away so that it could be restored. The sealer did however count on the fact that all seals weaken in some way. He did a spell to make guardians to gaurd to souls, that canon so loved to eat. 

Canoon in his own right still had a little power and created the cinn logg to gather souls for him to feast on. It was his thought that if her got enough power then maybe just maybe he could break through the seal.  Now the guardians have to fend off the cinn logg or Canon could get loose.

If he does the balence of nature could be upset again.


He has had of a mellinia to build his hate for his rivals at keeping him sealed away, and it has twisted his mind deeply and caused his mind to be very off kilter. His insanity knows know bounds and he is willing to do most anything to get out if the seal.

This guy has no soft side...................

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