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Is surounded by a pink glow

Name: Silas (pronounced Si-lass)

Breed: Albino Fennec Fox/ Persian cat hybrid Ghost

Age: Unaged since his death, it is not know how old he truely is so most go by how old he was when he died. Before his death Sialas was 4 years old.

Appearance Before Death: Before death Silas was quite the handsome one, he was fully white with reddish/pinkish eyes, thus clearly showing his Albinoism. His fur was fluffy and well groomed, so it was always shiny and clean. He had a sleek sexy appearance and thats what drew most females to him. He wore one heart shaped earing in his right ear.

Appearance After Death: Silas is still the same mostly, but he has a transperancy and pink glow now that chases most people away. 

Mental Dispotion:

Personailty Before Death:

Silas was always a tricky fellow, he could hunt really well using this but it always seemed to get him in trouble. He does however have his serious times, and knows when to stay out of danger. Outgoing he is one that can't seem to sit still but he will if he has to. Before he met Liliana he had a deep lounging that could not be filled no matter how hard he tried to fill it. When he found Lili that hole began to slowely fill up with love.

Hardly the docile one, if you pick a fight with Silas then you can guarentee he will fight back. Silas is and old soul, he has been reborn many times, and as such he has a great view of the world. He does believe that true love can last long after the body is gone to dust, and had promised Lili he would never leave her, even in death. 

Silas cares what others think about him, and is a proud guy. If someone thinks ill of him he will try to change their opinion. He is loving and only wants a chance, he will show you that side if you give him a clue.Silas is truthful, and if he says he will do something he will do it no matter how hard it will be. He is gallant and if there is a damsel in distress he will try to rescue her. 

Personality After Death:

Silas still misses life, but he does not regret saving Lili's life and knows if he could do it all again he would do it the same way. He flows with what each day gives him, and has chosen to live and optimistic afterlife. He knows one day he and Lili will be together again, he can only hope its not to soon.

He has become a little wiser to how things work, and doesn't try to change the foundations of life. He likes to challenge and see what he can do, but wont get disappointed if he cant do it. He still believes in love living on after death, and believe his still being here proves that point. He would do anything to protect Lili, and has done it.

He tries his hardest, even when it seems impossble and will keep trying long after other will have quite. He never gets tired so he can watch over Lilania as long s he needs too.


He dislikes seeing anyone he loves hurt, and if he can prevent it from happening he will. He hates others being rude, and with go out of his way to be nice to someone; even if he does not know them. He hates to see Lili unhappy, and he tries everything to keep her happy.


Silas's biggest love is Lili, if shes happy he is happy so he tries to make her happy. Sila likes to run and dig in the sand of his home, and he does this almost daily. He loves to live in the present and for his love ones, and wouldn't have it any other way. He loves to eat, snakes and other small dessert creatures.

Song that Describe Him:

Unbreakable: This song discribes how he feels about Lili, and that he feels their love is unbreakable. It also decribes how she feels about him.

Even In Death By Evanescence: This describes how even in death Silas will be by Lili's side. It also says the true love last long after the body is gone.

When I Look At You - Miley Cyrus: This song represents how Silas knows Liliana loves him for who he truely is, and that she will stand by him no matter what.


I will stay forever here with you
My love
The softly spoken words you gave me
Even in death our love goes on

- Chorus to Even In Death By Evanescence

You never know what you have, until its gone. I learn ed this the hard way, for me what I almost lost was my love Lili. She meant the world to me and I willingly gave up my life to save hers. Now it wasn't always this way, at one piont I didnt know the touch of love, didnt know what it was like to give your life up for the one you love. At one point I had an empty hole that no matter how much I tried fill it would not be filled.

When Lili came she filled the burning hole, with love that I could not fathom. She fill my life with a renewed sense of purpose, and my love for her knew no bounds. Even death couldn't stop it, I know because I did die for her.....

Silas ran thought the desert oasis of his home, his white coat stain yellow from digging in the sand all day. His red eyes darted around, looking for an emty den he could seek shade and rest in. He had been out all day and his sun, sensitive skin was begining to burn. He spotted an den to the left a ran in only to hurtle into something he didn't expect. He hadn't saw her blue eyes before he hurtled in, thus bumping heads with her was quite unexpected. He quickly backed out of the den, "I'm sorry Ma'm, I thought this den was emty."

He took one last look as he scooted out of then den, that would have him coming back later to find her. His breath caught in his throat, she was the most beautiful vixen he had ever seen. Her fur was grey, with black spots. Her chest, face, and leg had white on them and her tail was tipped in it. He didn't know it but soon they would be spending alot of time together.

Weeks passed, but he didn't see her again. He did want to, but she was never around so that he could. He spotted her a month later, fighting a rattlesnake, probably to catch it for food. He slowly crotched behind the rock, which was close the he leap and chomped his jaws down on the snakes neck and broke it. The snake went limp, and he dropped it by her feet; offering it as a gift to her. He grinned and shyly said, "My name is Silas." A blush spread across his muzzle and turned it red.

She lowered her head and began to eat but before she gave him a smile that lit up his day like the sun lights up the sky. He grinned sheepishly and watched her eat, proud he could make her happy. When she was done she looked up at him through her eyelashes and blushed a pretty shade of pink. She shyly said, "I'm Lilianna." She smiled brightly and it lit up his world with light. He blushes a brighter red and looked down unsure of what to say.

She leaned forward an brushed a wary kiss against his muzzle, blushing madly as she did. His eyes widened and his blush spread, however when he leaned away he leaned forward and pressed a more lingering kiss to her muzzle. They kissed for a few minute then leaned away breathing hard as their minds tried to unscramble. When he had kissed her, his world had alighted in color and it was like he had never lived before. He grinned cheesy and they began making plans to meet again, they didn't know it but their love would last beyond the tides of death.

Their courtship was a rocky and weird one, but it was full of love. They would meet and go hunting, usually eating what they caught together and moving on to find more. All the while they grew more in love, this did not occure over night though and it was almost half a year before he got to meet her parents. The meeting was full of nervousness on his side, because he was scared they would reject him.

To his suprise, however, he was welcomed with open paws. Her parents were rather docile about the whole thing and he felt much more love towards them after that. Venus had just sat there and nodding in acceptance, she loved her daughter and new he would take care of her. Dawn's flame was an all together different story, he had studied Silas a little before stepping back and saying, "If you hurt my little girl, I'll hunt you down." 

Silas' eyes widened but he nodded and said, " Sir if I hurt her you wont have to hunt me down and skin me, I'd do it myself." That seemed to satisfy Dawn's Flame, because he nodded in approval and trust. Flame knew the young kit would take care of his daughter. The siblings where alot easier to convince and soon he felt like a true part of the family.

Little did anyone know of the accident that soon would occur...

That day had been sunny and hot, the heat radiated off the road between his territory and hers. Cars didn't often pass here, but he was careful walking across anyway. Liliana had never been across and he wanted to take her over today. He ran joyfully to their meeting place, not aware of the tragedy that would occur hours later.

He told her his plan and she was thrilled, since they had started courting she had wanted to see his territory. He warned her not to stop on the large asphalt strip he had heard humans call a road. They set off after letting her parents know where they where going.

When they got to the road, Silas passed with ease and made it to the other side safely. When Liliana was crossing though a car was coming barreling down on her and she had frozen. Silas saw this and yelled, "Liliana!" before doing the only thing he could do to save her. Throwing himself at her, he knocked her out of the way of the oncoming car. But the price for doing so was much to high.

In saving her, he had sealed his own fate. The car going much too fast, barreled into him. He yelped in pain as his lungs and other internal organs collapsed, then lay still. Once the car passed she rushed to his side, knowing in her heart it was already far to late. Tears streamed down her face as she howled her sorrow to the sky.

I found myself floating above my body, and watched in remorse as she howled her pain to the sky. It appeared that Dawn's Flame had heard her, because he soon appeared. He took one look at my body and knew.

Finding a cool spot he began digging my grave. Even now it feels weird to think of it like that. Venus was there as well, leading Lili out of the road and away from my motionless body. Dawn's Flame buried my body that day, but my spirit lived on. I watched day after day, as Lili would return to my grave and cry for me.

She blamed herself for my death, even wanted to die herself. Finally I got enough strength to show myself to her. A pink aura surrounded me as I did so and she stared in shock. "Silas?" she whispered before fainting. I now knew could see me, and gradually I got her used to my presence. I was her guardian angel and I'd alway be there for her.

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